Puppy Contract Sample

Puppy Purchase and Deposit Requirements
Arrowhead Bull Dogs

Purchase Contract

The buyer agrees to purchase a puppy call name ___________________________________________

Color: ______________________________, Sex: __________, DOB____________________________

Dam: ______________________________________________________________________________

Sire: _______________________________________________________________________________

For the total amount of: $___________________________________________ (this amount does not include shipping)

Please Note: Buyer agrees to read this contract carefully, print this form out, sign it, and send it back to Arrowhead Bulldogs with their deposit. A legal representative of Arrowhead Bulldogs will sign the contract and give a copy to the buyer for their records. Arrowhead Bulldogs agrees to furnish the buyer with the necessary health information, including all shot and worming records. AKC Registration will be mailed via certified USPS mail within 90 days of sale.

Monetary Deposit Information

Deposits are $500.00 for any amount up to sale price of $5,500.00, deposit of $1000.00 is required for any amount exceeding $5,500.00 and a $2,000.00 deposit is required for any amount over $10,000.00. Half of the puppy sale cost is required by 8 weeks of age the remainder is due at time of pick up or 24 hours before if puppy is to be shipped/flight nannied.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. In the rare case of premature death, prior to delivery/shipping of the puppy buyer chooses, or if the sex of buyers choice is unavailable, buyer may transfer deposit/monies to another available puppy or a future litter within 1 year. For any other circumstance, buyers deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. IF BUYER BACKS OUT OR DOES NOT HAVE THE FUND TO PAY THE AGREED AMOUNT FOR SAID PUPPY, BUYER FORFITS THEIR DEPOSIT AND SAID PUPPY.

Arrowhead Bulldogs will accept deposits when the puppies are confirmed with ultra-sound. In the interim, buyer may be placed on a waiting list that will give you preference, chronologically, to choose buyers pick of that litter that is being sold. Arrowhead Bulldogs ALWAYS has first choice in all litters.

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We accept the following forms of payment: US Postal Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal Payment, Visa, Mastercard, AMX, Discover and Cash. Personal checks are only acceptable at time of deposit or two weeks in advance of pickup or shipment of puppy.

Once Arrowhead Bulldogs has received buyer deposit the puppy will be marked as reserved and will be considered sold.

Arrowhead Bulldogs will arrange for the shipping/drop-off of puppy for the buyer at buyer’s expense. Shipping for a puppy up to 20lbs within the USA is $450.00. Hand delivery fee’s start at $800.00 and goes up depending on prices of flights/drive distance. This fee is an all-inclusive shipping cost which includes but is not limited to: Crate for shipping ( buyer keeps crate), vet check and actual shipping of the puppy.

Buyer agrees to not dispute or request a chargeback of any transactions. Initial: ________

Arrowhead Bulldog’s Health Guarantee

Your Bulldog has been examined for many conditions to assure his/her health. Arrowhead Bulldogs certifies that, upon receipt, this dog is in good health and has been immunized and de-wormed according to the accompanying health record and according to the age of Pup. (No replacements will be given in cases of Parvo)

The Buyer agrees to have the Pup examined by Buyers veterinarian at Buyers expense within 72 hours from the date of purchase/pick up. Arrowhead Bulldogs does not accept responsibility for contagious diseases diagnosed after 72 hours from the time of delivery/pick-up. If the pup arrives to you on a Saturday, Buyer must see vet by Tues., 5 PM of that given week. If abnormalities are found other than a bacterial infection such as coccidia or giardia, and kennel cough, all of which are common in puppies that become stressed due to a move or new environment and are easily treated. Buyer must email, fax or call Arrowhead Bulldogs by Midnight of the exam day. If the veterinarian does not give the dog a clean bill of health, Arrowhead Bulldogs reserves the right to have the dog re-examined by a veterinarian of Seller’s choice at Seller’s cost. If a serious physical condition (other than what is outlined here within) Arrowhead Bulldogs will replace puppy with another puppy of comparable quality, when available, either from same litter or a future litter and only AFTER the first puppy has been returned to Arrowhead Bulldogs with Arrowhead Bulldogs permission.

To be free of genetic/hereditary defects that cause death or serious impairment of vital function of the said puppy until 1 year of age. If such an inheritable defect is documented by the vet and is presented to Arrowhead Bulldogs with sufficient evidence, the Buyer will be entitled to a kennel credit up to the purchase price towards a new puppy of Buyers choice AFTER the first puppy has been returned to Arrowhead Bulldogs with permission of Arrowhead Bulldogs. No refund of any money will be given even if new choice of pup is of less value than the kennel credit.

This guarantee does NOT cover what Arrowhead Bulldogs considered to be normal problems for the bulldog breed or problems beyond our control such as: Cherry eye, entropion, loose hips, infertility elongated soft palate, cosmetic issues, tail irregularities, and stenotic nares (small nostrils),

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non-affecting hemi vertebrae or skin allergies such as mange (of any kind). We do not breed dogs with undesirable conditions but we cannot guarantee that the previous generations from other breeder did not have these conditions in their lines. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that these conditions will not show up.

If the pup dies within one year from the date of purchase, the Buyer will need to have a necropsy report performed to ascertain the cause of death at Buyer’s expense, unless otherwise known and agreed upon between the two stated parties. A copy of the report MUST be sent to Arrowhead Bulldogs ASAP. If the cause of death is determined to be congenital, Arrowhead Bulldogs will replace the Puppy according to the stated replacement guidelines.

A Bulldog puppy’s diet is VERY important in the first year of its life for the immune system to function properly. Feeding your Bully high quality dog food is a must in continual health maintenance. Giving high quality vitamins as well will help keep buyer’s bulldog baby in a healthy condition. If low-quality food is given to Buyer’s puppy, Arrowhead Bulldogs is NOT responsible for the outcome of the health of the puppy due to low-quality food issues.

Heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat related conditions are not covered in any way. These problems can be avoided with proper care and attention on the part of the new owner. Please remember that a Bulldog can overheat easily and quickly and can actually die! He/She must be primarily an indoor dog. A Bulldog generally cannot swim, so please take precautions around deep areas of water.

Guarantee is void of the puppy is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase/pick-up/delivery or in cases where the dog is in illegal activity, immoral activities or extreme sports. Or is mistreated, malnourished, or abused. Guarantee is also void if dog is bred before 1 year of age. Guarantee is non-transferable if dog is sold by buyer.

It is understood that at the time of the sale the puppy is not considered to be of show quality or breeding quality. This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal, not for any other purpose or reason. This dog is not to be used for any type of puppy mill, dog farm or other mass-producing or money-making operation. There is no guarantee on color, size, or future breeding.

Once the Buyer receives replacement Pup, then original health Guarantee requirements begin again. Not getting your Pup to your vet within 72/96 hours, not reporting adverse results immediately to Seller, not obtaining full Vet report/findings, not getting Pup to a 2nd vet, if Arrowhead Bulldogs request it, at Arrowhead Bulldogs cost, not returning affected Pup to Arrowhead Bulldogs within 10 days of final vet’s findings and Arrowhead Bulldogs final decision, renders this guarantee null and void and Buyer gives up the right to ANY compensation/replacement from Arrowhead Bulldogs. The Buyer agrees that jurisdiction and place of Venue is Delaware County, Ohio, in all sales. The Buyer acknowledges by signing this contract that he/she assumes complete responsibility for the health and welfare of the Pup when it leaves Arrowhead Bulldogs establishment. Arrowhead Bulldogs assumes no responsibility on the Pup for accidental death, non-life-threatening illnesses, landlord pet disapproval, allergy to the Pup, a disagreement with the family, unnecessary veterinarian fees, and any other reason outside the bounds of the above guarantee.

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Buyer Agrees to the Following:

Buyer agrees to the advertising of the below stated puppy on Sellers website/social media, Arrowhead Bulldogs LLC, for one year minimum and refer all planned breeding’s to the Buyer if applicable.

Buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for ALL vet bills after Pup comes home with them. Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs to return affected Pup to Arrowhead Bulldogs, and to ship/deliver replacement Pup to Buyer. A vet check will be performed on the returned Pup by Arrowhead Bulldogs’ vet to verify results and current health status.

To use “Arrowhead ” as a prefix in the registration of the dog’s name.

Maintain up to date vaccines and keep your dog/pup in humane conditions, providing love, proper food, water and shelter.

If Buyer is unable to keep puppy/dog, Arrowhead Bulldogs has the right to reclaim the dog/pup or assist in helping find a new suitable home for dog/pup.

This Buyer and Arrowhead Bulldogs agree that this is the full and complete agreement that exists between the parties for the sale of this pup/dog. Any agreement made prior to this are considered incorporated in this contract and any other modifications made to the agreement shall be made in writing or such shall not be effective. By signing this agreement, Buyer agrees to all of the above. The agreement must be signed and returned to Arrowhead Bulldogs.



Print name of Buyer (S):_________________________________________________________________


Signature of Buyer (S):_____________________________________________________Date:_________


Phone Number: _________________________ Email:_________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________



Signature of Authorized Arrowhead Bulldog Seller:


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