About Our Bulldog Puppies

All our Bulldog (commonly referred to as English Bulldog) puppies are AKC registered. We put a lot of planning into our breedings, focusing on health first then confirmation. There is a lot that goes into an English Bulldog litter, starting long before the puppies arrive. Our goal in breeding English Bulldogs is not only to get our next show dog but also to exceed the breed. We believe the primary reason anyone should become involved in breeding and showing is the fundamental love for bulldogs.

Our Bulldogs

Bulldog Males
Puppies are thick, with tons of wrinkle, very healthy, and have great colors and markings!
Bulldog Females
We have a few clients that allow me to breed my past puppies. That allows us to have more girls, but not be a kennel! All of my girls live with us as a part of our family.

Past Puppies

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