Color & Pricing

Red Sable

Red Sable is considered a standard color.Eye color is usually brown.Some are darker than others.

Prices Start at $ 3,000.00-$4,500.00


A blue sable is a red based dog with a silver cast to its coat. They usually have blue/green or hazel eyes. They have faint tri markings on legs, chest and face. It is a more cost effective way to have a blue with the beautiful eyes without the hefty price tag. Prices usually start around   $4,500.00

Black TRI

Black TRI,Deep Black with tan points on legs, face and chest.Eye Color is brown.Tan points can be brindle as well as clear.

Price = $ 4500.00-$ 5,500.00


A blue tri is a highly sought after color! They have silver coats with tan points on legs, chest and eyes like a doberman. They mostly have blue/green eyes. Prices start at $5500-$6500


A chocolate tri is also a very popular, high demand color. They have brown noses and have a dark brown coat with tan points on legs, face, and eyes. They usually have green eyes, sometimes hazel. Prices start at $ 6,500.00 – $7,500.00


Lilac tri is one of the hardest colors to produce. They are showstoppers! They have a chocolate base coat with the blue gene that turns the color to a champagne. Their eyes are the brightest of the rare colors. Aqua blue that can sometimes turn glowing green or ice blue. They have the tan points on legs and chest and face as well. Prices start at $ 8,500.00-$ 9,500.00


The lilac sables are a favorite of mine.
Some are darker than others. They have a beautiful champagne color to them with the glowing aqua blue eyes. Eyes sometimes turn to ice blue or ice green. It is a way to have a totally unique color without paying for a lilac tri. Prices start at $6,500.00 -$7,500.00


Merle is newer to the bulldog world and is a Color/pattern.They consists of one or more clear blue eyes!They Come in Chocolate Tri, Blue Tri and Black Tri. There shades vary.They have a splotchy/spotted Pattern.They have a Blue under coat with a darker top coat

Price – $ 7,500.00 – $ 17,00.00

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